Welfare Society for the blind


Talking Book Project & Recording Studio

TopThe Talking Book Project

The Talking Book Project involves the transfer of academic texts and reference materials into audio CDs through reading and recording by sighted persons.

Our society is actively involved in this project. We have largely depended on volunteers to come and record the texts so that they can be converted into audio CD’s for use by the visually challenged.

Our primary aim is to convert vernacular (Bengali) texts into audio CD’s since these are hard to come by and through this we hope to aid and facilitate the education of many more visually challenged students in Bengal.

We are always looking for volunteers who can come and help us further our cause by donating a little of their time to come and read and record texts and thus enable us to build our digital library of academic texts and reference materials for use by the visually challenged.

TopRecording Studio

The state-of-the-art recording studio TRINAYAN  setup with full financial support from HSBC  on December 2007 has enabled the Society to improve the quality of recordings it produces. These recordings, while primarily meant for students, may also be bought, at a nominal price, by anyone who wants them.