Welfare Society for the blind


Internet Cafe & Digital Library

TopThe Internet Café
Our Internet Cafe is the only one of its kind in Eastern India!

We are open Monday to Saturday from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm

It is exclusively designed for use by the visually challenged – here we use the JAWS software, which is compatible with all standard computer applications. The software triggers all keyboard commands into aural cues so the visually disabled can operate the computers without any external personal assistance.

TopThe Digital Library

The Digital Library, which is a part of our Internet Café, is a storehouse of books and reference materials, in the form of audio CDs. Our primary aim is to provide audio CDs in Bengali (the regional language), since these are scarce, so that a greater number of visually impaired students, using the vernacular, have access to academic texts and reference materials to facilitate their education.

To browse through the selection of audio books currently available please click here.

We would not have been able to set up our Internet Café and Digital Library without assistance from The State Bank of India, Kolkata. Thank you SBI!