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Fitness Centre

Welfare Society for the Blind dedicates a Fitness Centre for the Visually Challenged people, with modern Fitness equipment under the guidance of an experienced and qualified Fitness Trainer.

Inauguration of Fitness Centre by eminent film star Smt. Rituparna Sen Gupta and Smt. Ganga Somany from Jan Mangal Trust at Welfare Society for the Blind was held on 30th November 2016, at 11 am.
People with disabilities have the same social and health benefits of exercise if they are able to access fitness equipment used in mainstream Fitness Centers.

Sightlessness acts as a major hindrance for the Visually Challenged Community as they fail to understand the intrinsic need to improve their physical fitness, including burning of adequate metabolic energy. This is primarily because daily they lack adequate physical movement, due to restricted mobility. Most people are restricted to indoor activities or static games and this often leads to health related issues.Lack of physical activity causes lethargy, lack of stamina and related problems amongst our visually challenged trainees.Welfare Society for the Blind therefore open a Fitness Centre for the Visually challenged persons at its premises so that the visually challenged trainees can use modern techniques to exercise.