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Report of the Joint Honorary Secretary-2018

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Report of the Joint Honorary Secretary-2018

Report of the Joint Honorary Secretary

It is indeed a pleasure for me to present the Secretary’s Report of our Society for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018. During this period we have been trying to strengthen our financial position, to optimize the usage of existing facilities at the centre so that our trainees can be suitably placed matching their vocational skills.

A brief overview of our activities is mentioned below.

Charitable Eye Clinic and Surgeries

The Eye Clinic continues to function in full swing under the supervision of Dr. Jayanta Banerjee. The number of patients treated during this period is 176. Over and above these patients, 21 patients were identified for IOL surgery and referred to Dr. Nihar Munshi Eye Foundation for operation. A nominal rate is charged to the patients and the residual amount is paid by the Society. We have received donation from Lions Club of Calcutta, Sanchetna, to meet the cost of the eye surgeries performed. We convey our sincere thanks to them.

Vocational Training

  • Computer Skills:

Since our last report, the computer training classes are held regularly six days a week. The number of registered trainees this year is 89. The Society is now drawing the maximum number of trainees in this vocation. Our trainees are pursuing Masters and / or Bachelor’s degree from different state universities, though the minimum qualification for admission here is successful completion of the School Leaving Examinations. Our trained computer instructors are Sri Ujjal Bose and Sri Rajesh Chowdhury. Recently we have employed a new ComputerTrainer, Sri Bikas Chandra Sur. The computer course is recognized by the Centre for Studies and Rehabilitation of Differently Abled Persons of Jadavpur University and certificates are issued after completion of examinations according to their syllabus. 15 of our trainees have cleared the Level I (Beginner’s Course) Examination and 8 have cleared the Level II (Advanced Course) Examination in 2017-18. We are thinking of expanding the syllabus and also considering various strategic tie-ups with recognized organizations for better placement prospects. We have enrolled 40 new trainees during the year.

  • Communicative English

During the period under review. Principal Smt Maitrayee Panja conducted Communicative English classes. Two new trainers Smt. Malika Dutta and Smt. Ashmita Chowdhury have joined from January 2018. This training is given for preparing the trainees for job- interviews. The total number of classes conducted during the year is 71.

  1. Paper bag making & Loom

Eco-friendly paper bag making continues to function under Smt. Sandhya Haider. It has been observed of late, that few more students took interest and started learning the skill of Loom Weaving after a long period of time. We wish to continue to support this tradition. 44 classes have been conducted during the year.

  • Music Classes:

Music classes are held once a week, on Saturdays, under the able guidance of Sri. Dipankar Paul. Tabia classes are held underthe supervision of Sri Ranjan Nandi, Trainees are taking keen interest and their progress in the area is remarkable. Some of these youngsters have even performed publicly, including our Annual Charity show. Synthesizer classes have also been started under Sri Hironmoy Banerjee. A new Trainer Sri Sourav Chakraborty has joined as a Synthesizer Trainer from January 2018.164 Music classes in total have been conducted during this year.

  • Preparation for Competitive Examinations:

Since School Service Commission Examinations (SSC) were not held in the previous year, classes were conducted for other competitive examinations such as for banking and railways and also for recruitment of primary teachers. Sri. Pintu Saha and Sri. Kaushik Adhikary took these classes. In total 73 classes have been held during the year.

  • Mobility Training and Orientation

The Society has resumed Mobility Training classes from November 2016, which is helping our trainees to commute independently. They are also being prepared for meeting the job requirements through orientation classes. Sri Tapan Chandra Muhuri has joined us for mobility and orientation training. 17 classes could be arranged forthe trainees during the year.

  • Fitness Training:

Welfare Society for the Blind commissioned the first dedicated Fitness Centre for the Visually Challenged persons in Kolkata, on October 30, 2016. Fitness training is being imparted to our trainees twice a week, under the guidance of an experienced and qualified Fitness Trainer with modern fitness equipment. The fitness Centre is still extensively supported by Jan Mangal Trust. Total number of classes held during the current year is 99.

  • Resource Centre:

The Society established a Resource Centreforthe visually challenged and it was inaugurated by His Excellency Sri. M. K. Narayanan, Governor of West Bengal, in 2013. The main objective of this Centre is to create a hub for the collection and dissemination of knowledge relevant to the visually challenged population, not just in Kolkata but in the entire state. Our Resource Centre Executive, Mrs. Pallawi Sarkar, has been able to create a lot of interest in the visually impaired community and there has been active use of this resource centre during the previous year. Now visually challenged persons from all over the city avail of this facility for job applications, college admissions, etc.

  •  Recording Studio: Talking Book Project

The state-of-the-art Recording Studio was set up with full financial support from HSBC on December 14, 2007. Sri Chandradip Goswami and Sri. Raj Banerjee continue to assist in recording and editing books and documents. The volunteer readers are continuing with their reading services (both in English & in Bengali). We are in the process of producing number of audio-books in accordance with the requirements of the trainees following the curriculum of Jadavpur University, Calcutta University and other academic and training institutions. There has been approximately 144 hours of recording during the year. Five Volunteer Readers, Smt. Sharmistha Kumar, Smt. Swapna Chatterjee, Smt. Rupa Sen, Smt. Laxmi Das Gupta and Smt. Archana Ghosh are assisting reading regularly once a week.

  •  Audio Transcription Training:

Audio Transcription classes have been started at our premises in collaboration with Anudip Foundation. Two trainers from Anudip Foundation have conducted classes five days a week from Monday to Friday at our premises from June 2017 to December 2017. One placement has been made during the year from the batch of 12 students.

  •  Project:

A Project proposal for upgradation and renovation of Recording Studio and Computer section for the visually Challenged at Welfare Society for the Blind submitted to Onkarmal Somany Charitable Trust. The focus of the project is to produce digital textbooks which can be made available in any of the following formats such as Braille, audio or large print. The beneficiaries of the project will include senior citizens too. This Project has been approved by Mt Vikam Somani and we have received Rs 2 lacs.

  •  Insurance:

Society’s building and other assets remained under insurance coverage from M. S. Cholamandalam General Insurance Co. Ltd.

  •  Donations to the Society continued to enjoy tax deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  •  Repair & Maintenance:

The boundary wall on the western side of the building collapsed after a cyclone on October, 2017. A new boundary wall has been constructed and necessary repairs have been completed.

New donation boards were made with the support of Apollo Gleneagles Hospital.

Events held during the year:

  • On 14 April 2017 we celebrated the Foundation Day of WSB.
  • A team from Pernod Ricard India Pvt. Ltd, Liquor Company, popular in the name of Seagram’s, conducted one day CSR activity at our Society on 1st June 2017 from 12.30 pm-1.30 pm.
  • On September 12,2017 Charity Show was held at Satyajit Ray Auditorium, ICCR, Kolkata. Puja Agomoni Program was celebrated on 23rd September 2017.
  • WSB Music Band, Rhythm & Melody, gave an inaugural performance at a program jointly organised by Rotary Club of Jadavpur and Inner wheel Club of Jadavpur at our hall. They have donated Rs 12500/-.
  • Founder’s Day Program was held on 14 December 2017 at WSB.
  • WSB Band Rhythm & Melody performed at a Musical Program organised by Tridhara at Deshapriya Park on January 22, 2018. They paid Rs 3000/- as conveyance charges of performers.
  • On 13th January, 2018 a Mock Test for Government Jobs were conducted at our premises.
  • Annual Picnic of Welfare Society for the Blind was organised at Samali, on Bakrahat Road on 3rd February 2018. 90 Trainees along with Staff and Executive Committee members attended the Picnic. Antakshari and a Quiz contest were organised and prizes donated by Lions Club, Calcutta were distributed to the Trainees. Special thanks are due to Mr. Dipak Mukherjee for sponsoring the scenic spot for picnic.
  • TSPDL conducted one day CSR Activity at WSB on Saturday, 29th March 2018 from 12pm to 4pm. Their activities included Quiz and Antaksari Competitions. Prizes were distributed to the winners of the competition. 65 students were present. TDSPDL distributed lunch packets to everyone present in the event.


To mark the Birth Centenary of our Founder Late Smt. Gita Basu, a seminar was organised at the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Gol Park, on December 16, 2017, from 12.00 pm to 6.30 pm. on ‘Vocational Training and Rehabilitation of the Visually Challenged: Experiences, Advances, Challenges’ at which senior professionals from the field were presentand shared theirthoughts.

45 Trainees and staffs attended the program. Several well known people attended the Seminar.

Staff Position during the year:

  • Principal

Smt. Maitrayee Panja joined in March 2014 as Principal. She has several years of experience in the disability sector.

  • Other Staff:

Smt. Pallawi Sarkar joined as Resource Centre Executive. Sri Subir Kumar Das joined as Accountant.

  • Computer Training Staff & other staff:

Sri Ujjal Bose, Asst. Vice Principal + Computer Instructor

Sri Rajesh Chowdhury, Computer Instructor

Smt. Sandhya Haldar, Instructor, Loom & Paper Bag-making.

Sri Pinto Saha, Trainer of Competitive Examination General Knowledge class.

Sri. KaushikAdhikary, Trainer of Competitive Examination, Mathematics Class

Sri Dipankar Paul, Trainer of Musical Song Class.

Sri Ranjan Nandi, Trainer of Tabia Class

Sri Hironmoy Banerjee, Trainer of Synthesizer Class

  • Non-Training Staff:

Sri. Khokon Das and Sri. Mahadev Das served as Security Guard-cum Peon..

  • Temporary staff:

Sri Munna Turia, Sweeper, Smt. Sita Mallick Cleaner and Gardener, Sri K. B. Jana come regularly six days a week.

Trainee- staff relationship has been harmonious and pleasant during the period.

Placement of Trainees:

WSB has had great success with 10 placements during the last financial year. A brief synopsis of the placements made during the year is as follows:



SL. No Name Organization Designation Joining


Rahul Ghosh Kendria Vidyalaya Teacher 17-Apr
 2 Rajesh Thakur Indian Airlines Assistant Officer 18-Apr
3 Rajesh Chowdhury UnitedBank of India Clerk 18-Apr
A Pawan Prajapati Gramin Bengal Bank  Probationary Officer 18-Feb
5 Tridip Roy Primary school Teacher 18-Jan
6 Rohit Sakul Cannara Bank Clerk 18-Jan
7 Bhawna Kumari Corporation Bank Clerk 18-Mar
8 Saddam Hussain Union Bank of India Probationary Officer 17-Apr
9 Amitava Biswas Canara Bank Probationary Officer 18-Jan
10 Payal Banejee State Electric Supply Executive Officer 18-Mar


The Committee acknowledges with thanks contributions of the Society’s members in meaningful and valuable ways, e.g., reading, recording, training, teaching, attending, supervising, interacting with trainees, mentoring etc. The Committee also extends thanks to many others who have volunteered their valuable time and services for the benefit of the visually challenged trainees throughout the year.

The Society has been helped by many donors – individual as well as corporate – who came forward readily and generously, for which we are extremely grateful to them. We also thank our auditor Konar Mustaphi & Associates, Chartered Accountants for their continued assistance.


Dr. (Smt)Amita Chatterjee

Joint Honorary Secretary

Date: 31 August 2018